Tati Neves Sex Tape. Justin Bieber’s Brazilian Hook Up Releasing Sex Tape


tati neves sex tape

Tati Neves Sex Tape

Justin Bieber’s Brazilian hook up, Tati Neves, is releasing a sex tape, and she’s using Justin’s name for promotional purposes.

Tati Neves filmed a porn video for a some Adult Film company. Now that she is linked to the As Long As You Love Me singer, the company is planning to release the porn film.

Adult film company reportedly paid Tati to film a raunchy sex tape a few years back.  And now that she’s enjoying her 15 minutes of fame due to the 30-second video she shot of Justin sleeping, the porn site finally wants to release the video. The movie reportedly features Tati having sex on a soccer field (oh those Brazilians) and is definitely far more graphic than any sexy shot Tati has uploaded on her personal Facebook.

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