Paris Hilton Sex Tape

Paris Hilton Sex Tape

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Paris Hilton – Hotel heiress Paris Hilton is an actress, singer and model who achieved fame while appearing on reality television show The Simple Life. The great-granddaughter of Hilton Hotels founder, Conrad Hilton, Paris Hilton is widely written about and discussed in celebrity gossip publications and television shows.

Hilton is slated to guest star on the CW series Supernatural during it’s fifth season. The show premieres on September 10, 2009.E Online: Paris Hilton to Guest Star on CW’s Supernatural (August 5, 2009) 2

According to reports in late August of 2009, Hilton may engage in a lawsuit with Hallmark for allegedly using her photo along with the catchphrase “That’s hot” on one of their greeting cards without her permission.

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