Maggie Q Sex Tape

maggie q sex tape

Asian celebrity “Maggie Q” has been embroiled in the sexy photos scandal that has rocked Hong Kong, China. See a video tape, sexy pictures, and biography.

Maggie Q sex tape

The nude sex tape video with Maggie Q. and Edison Chen is very graphic. They are naked in bed and he is behind her, if you catch my drift. She is on her tummy.

As a biography, she was born Maggie Quigley in Honolulu Hawaii on May 22nd, 1979. Her acting career in Chinese movies usually involves the English language because she does not speak native Chinese fluently.

Her career includes eighteen movies including two to be released in 2008. Those films are Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon and The List. Her big hit in the United States was Mission Impossible.

The video tape scandal with sex partner Edison Chen surfaced in January 2008.


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