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Lohan has received media attention apart from her acting and singing careers. Her multiple arrests and use of alcohol and drugs have become regular tabloid news.
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Lindsay Lohan has her own sextape! The tape shows Lindsay giving a blowjob to her ex-boyfriend Calum Best. Lindsay is obviously no amateur at sucking a cock, or at least she is a fast learner. Collectors can not miss this one. What is happening to our dear Linsday? Cocaine, dui’s, knives, nip slips, boob slips, pussy slips, we have photos and videos of it all. We love this girl. Find out who she is fucking, log in and have a look!Lindsay Lohan running up some steps at the 2006 Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards and having her beige dress flip up on accident to reveal her ass and then giving us a better look at her butt in a photo from the event as seen on E!.
Lindsay Lohan walking on stage at a strip club in a red dress and spinning around a pole. She then removes the dress, revealing a red bustier and black panties underneath as she continues to dance. We also see another unidentified stripper topless.
Lindsay Lohan on top of a guy during a sex scene, first seen in a black bra, and then shown topless from above and behind with a bit of her left breast coming into view as she grinds on the guy.
Lindsay Lohan spinning around a pole and then crawling on stage at a strip club, spreading her legs as a group of guys watch before she gets up and dances around the pole some more.

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